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India Jane

Thanks again for encouraging me to go to BlogHer Food! It was so much fun. And you are a rock star (as well as a Twitterholic). It was great to see you and hope to see you in Austin next summer. Have fun speaking in New York!

I am going to put you on my blogroll, too (as soon as I figure out how to do that). You're, like, totally awesome Momo!


I swore I already commented on this, but that could be the peri-menopause talking. Or, it's because I've been swamped since we got back from Seattle. Blogging IS hard work!

I am so glad you made it to BlogHer Food and that you found inspiration and friends (old and new). It was fabulous to see you and catch up. Also, I'm not a rock star as much as I am a Twitterholic.

Now...to add my favorite new blogging vegan to my blogroll!

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